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"I" Am Merely an Illusion

You wake up, to a beautiful sunrise with the sun’s warmth blanketing your skin, as your face becomes warmer, lovelier, sweeter, like Shakespeare’s summer day in Sonnet 18. You feel nothing, but the absolute present, until your dreamy state is replaced with your everyday responsibilities, hazy memories, and core beliefs that define who you are. For a beautiful second, you were truly free, but then you gathered yourself and shifted into the mindset of who you believe yourself to be in this world, your Ego. We as humans use our perception as a somewhat survival tactic in this world. We use our thoughts and experiences to shape who we are and create certain labels that define us. I can call myself a Muslim, a writer, an Indian, a brunette, a dreamer, a sister, daughter, friend, etc. These labels make it easier for my mind to understand my sensations, perceptions, and thoughts put into a more comprehendible way to create my place in this world. This can be related to the Bundle theory creat