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The Elusive Nature of Truth

To be deemed   the truth , it must first hold true through the passage of time. Yet, as time flows, every aspect of this material world undergoes change; from humans to rocks, they all transform in their distinct ways. For humans, change is inherent in our nature. Physically, we experience aging, growth, and development throughout our lives. Mentally and emotionally, we have changes in beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives with each passing day. Similarly, rocks and other inanimate objects change through processes like weathering, erosion, and geological forces––they occur over vast timescales but are nevertheless inevitable. Therefore, the concept of   truth   we all profess to understand so thoroughly reveals itself as nothing more than an illusion.     The truth is nonexistent in our world.   Plato's Theory of Forms suggests that there are two kinds of existence: the physical world made of matter, and the abstract world of Forms. Everything that we see in our material world is a

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