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The Fine Line Between Freedom and Loneliness

Everyone wants to be free.   To wake up in the morning in a life untouched by societal demands where endless possibilities lie at your fingertips, and you finally have the autonomy to do  whatever  you like  however  you like.    For some this is a luxury, and for others it’s isolation.    In the modern world, advanced technology, easy access to information, and the infinite amount of opportunities at the click of a button make it enticing to run away from the shackles of daily life. However, people seem to forget that you not only run away from problems but also your loved ones. Achieving absolute freedom requires you to let go of all ties you have with any other being. While the idea might seem liberating at first to a few, the question lingers: how long can someone truly thrive without genuine connections—without caring for or being cared about by another? The answer is, not for very long.    Studies have found that social isolation is associated with increased risk of cardiovascula

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